Musicians Creating Prosperity Online Event

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Musician thought leaders and changemakers discuss what it takes to live a prosperous life as a musician while also expanding our impact and building a legacy.

Through this series of interviews, we will explore how to use our artistic voices and power to create impactful music careers and businesses while also keeping our artistic dreams and creative sides infused into this process.

We’ll discover ways to create abundance without burnout, and develop strategies to tap into our best creative flow to maximize our business opportunities.

During the Musicians Creating prosperity free event, you’ll discover

  • Tools and strategies to uncover your distinctive voice as an artist and set yourself apart
  • Ideas to help you create a prosperous music career path that will help you make a positive impact for yourself and your community
  • Models and examples of the latest teaching, performing, and business coaching trends used in the music industry
  • Proven systems to gain clarity and stop procrastination and perfectionism
  • Empowerment to take action towards upleveling your life and your career

“We have been profitable since our first month in business…”

“Fabiana has supported me in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including opening a music store and expanding an existing arts nonprofit. Through Fabiana’s eyes, I’ve learned to see opportunities instead of hurdles.

Fabiana has been someone I go to for support, advice, or a push when I’m feeling bogged down by everything that needs to get done.

While I’ve learned many things from working with Fabiana, my biggest takeaway is to just do it. Just take action. Just start somewhere. In addition to helping me with my own doubts, Fabiana provided specific tools and resources to ideate, plan, and stay focused on my endeavors. She truly leads by example, and I continue to be amazed by how much she achieves because of her “can do” spirit and optimism.

Owning and operating a music store with my husband and repair specialist, Tony Barrette, has been an exciting journey. We have been profitable since our first month in business and have grown our inventory asset to five times its original value in just two years. Recently, I was hired at the Dallas Symphony as the Director of Education. I will always be grateful to Fabiana for helping me get to where I am today!”

Dr. Jen Guzman

Clarinetist/Entrepreneur , Dallas Symphony Ochestra

“She pushes to bring the absolute best in you…”

“Before working with Dr. Claure, I knew that I had a good idea but wasn’t sure how to make my idea into a full-blown business. My biggest fear was wasting time and money on a business that wouldn’t be successful. I was struggling with how to put it all together.

I already have a small business that is doing well but I built that without a focused plan, just an idea, hope and passion. I now have something to execute to and keep me focused and on track. I was able to see the holes in my plan.

With Dr. Claure’s assistance I was able to adjust and fine-tune in ways I wasn’t able to do on my own. Right now I am in the building process with my technology, it will be a while before I can launch, but I know when my online program is ready, I will be ready to sell it and market it successfully.”

Whitney James

Jazz Singer

Meet The Speakers

Dr. Fabiana Claure


Emmet Cohen


Jocelyn Freeman


Jennifer Rosenfeld


Christopher Still


Brenden Lowe


Stanichka Dimitrova


Tracy Friedlander


Nathan Cole


Nick Finzer


Terri Lyne Carrington


Glory St. Germain


Meg Okura


Jade Simmons


Join us for the Musician’s Prosperity Online Event

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