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“With Dr. Claure’s assistance, I was able to adjust and fine-tune in ways I wasn’t able to do on my own.”

“My biggest shift when it came to meeting and being mentored by Fabiana was that she helped me believe in stepping into my big ideas. The goals that scare me because of their seeming weight and long-distance are the ones that she followed with me into detailed points. In every session of putting together a detailed and workable business plan, Fabiana pushed me beyond my comfort zone. She wouldn’t let me take any easy ways out, but questioned my motive and intention behind every decision I made along my path. This inspired a completely fresh way of thinking for me.

After enough time of coming into our sessions, it became such a wonderful impulse to push for my most excellent, most clarified ideas. It also became clear how much I needed to be intentional about every detail relating to my business/artistry – from how I present myself, to how I connect and interact, to the product/s I deliver.

Fabiana believes that each person has the ability to bring wealth to the world in way of their personal gifts, ideas and ability. She pushes to bring out the absolute best in you and helps you find ways to plan your footsteps along your own yellow brick road toward your goals. I miss every session, and would recommend her mentorship to the highest degree. She is a phenomenal, inspiring and wonderful person, musician, teacher and mentor and will help you transform the way you envision your own goals as well as bring to light the incredible capacity for brilliance that exists if you are brave enough to look a little further.”

Callandra Youngleson

Jazz vocalist, educator